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Energy conservation and emissions reduction is still printing equipment around the threshold of the past

In the last century, printing and dyeing equipment manufacturing enterprise is given priority to with continuous production equipment; Printing and dyeing industry in the 1990 s proposed small batch and many varieties of printing and dyeing production mode, equipment manufacturing industry began to pay attention to the intermittent and semicontinuous development of printing and dyeing equipment, some low bath ratio, low energy consumption equipment also appeared. Because of this mode of production can satisfy the market demand of individuation, therefore the existence of intermittent equipment has a certain space. Officials estimated by way of continuous processing of cotton, polyester/cotton dyeing cloth production accounted for about 80% of the total dyeing cloth production. In the foreseeable future, the situation of our country textile printing and dyeing products is given priority to with cheap product will also maintain, continuous dyeing and printing equipment will continue to be the leading role of dyeing in the future.


Dyeing and printing enterprise in our country, according to the state environmental protection administration of resource consumption per unit product several times higher than that of developed countries, such as the advanced countries of about 100 tons of tons of fiber and dyeing water, and China's general for 300 tons to 400 tons, a lot of poisonous and harmful substances discharged into rivers, lakes, cause water pollution. High energy consumption, high water consumption and high emissions of dyeing production is an urgent need to solve the problem. In the textile industry adjustment and revitalization of planning "for printing and dyeing industry focus on energy consumption and the problems of high water consumption, serious environmental pollution, the added value of enterprises to reduce energy consumption by more than 10%, water powerusageeffectiveness back to reach more than 35%. Printing and dyeing equipment requirements strengthen efficient, continuous and short flow, such as dyeing and finishing equipment, energy saving and emission reduction and energy resource recycling technology development and application of improving production automatic control level, the future development of dyeing and printing and dyeing machinery industry in China will be around the energy conservation and emissions reduction, domestic continuous printing equipment to guarantee and improve the quality of textile processing on the basis of efforts to reduce the waste of resources.



After years of development, domestic continuous dyeing process has to finalize the design equipment, can meet the requirements of most domestic printing and dyeing process. Although "short process" has been hotly debated for years, but in continuous dyeing process, the process has not been significantly reduced, this is because the printing and dyeing process determines the equipment process, under the condition of invariable in process equipment process does not have a substantial improvement. In order to reach the goal of energy conservation and emissions reduction, currently on the printing and dyeing machinery can adopt a more realistic approach is to dig the traditional production process of the potential of energy saving, water saving and emission reduction, the machine is equipped with waste water, waste heat of exhaust gas recycling system, as far as possible by the filtered water recycling, reduce fresh water withdrawals; Application of on-line detection and control technology, the standard, optimization of dyeing and printing process, reduce waste emissions and concentrations. In addition, the equipment manufacturing enterprises should joint research with chemical maker, printing and dyeing enterprises really reduce the process of "short" production equipment, can effective finally solve the problem of printing and dyeing production energy intensive and high water consumption.


Before the printing and dyeing processing water consumption accounts for about 60% of the dyeing and printing process, before the processing equipment can be achieved by improving ChanYuanJi effectively improve production efficiency and the purpose of reducing energy consumption and water consumption, water washing tank equipped with spray, oscillation and ultrasonic components improve the efficiency of water washing, steaming box to improve the sealing in order to reduce heat loss, etc.; Can also be equipped with high temperature wastewater recycling recycling system, improve the utilization rate of water, heat. Rotary screen and screen printing equipment dryer and steamer energy consumption is higher, can raise the utilization ratio of heat energy by increasing monitoring; Finishing stenter setting machine, high energy consumption of the thermal efficiency is only 18% ~ 26%, equipped with a monitoring system for monitoring including moisture regain, drying room humidity, surface roughness parameters such as temperature, prevent excessive drying and unnecessary emissions.

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